Our Story


Keeping the hearts of Texans a little bit safer since 2000.

Dee with her husband, Brenson, and grandson, Brandon.

Dee with her husband, Brenson, and grandson, Brandon.

TempleCPR was born when Dee Miles was given the opportunity to provide CPR instruction for the Temple Independent School District's bus drivers in 2000. From there, Dee went on to provide instruction for Scott & White memorial. Soon after, as word of her infectiously enthusiastic attitude and her genuine Texas hospitality spread, Dee began offering classes inside of her own home to the public and healthcare professionals alike.

After Dee passed, the family wanted to ensure her legacy lived on. Just like her, we aim to provide our students with a comfortable atmosphere in which to learn and instructors who truly know and love what they do.

We understand that life doesn't stop at 5 p.m. and finding the time to take a course is difficult. We've kept our hours convenient over the years and have recently rolled out a scheduling system that empowers you to find the exact course you want.

By combining our family bond, our passion for the material, and our commitments to service and excellence, we give our clients the best CPR and first aid instruction available in Central Texas, bar none.

Our Team

Brandon Miles, RT(R)

Brandon is the lead educator and owner of TempleCPR and has provided CPR instruction for over a decade. When he's not instructing, Brandon is also a full time registered radiologic technologist.

Brandon was handed the reigns of TempleCPR shortly after Dee's passing. As the son of Carl and Tammy, grandson of Dee, and nephew of Leah, he ensured the family roots stayed with the company.

Carl Miles

Carl has been an educator with TempleCPR since 2015, shortly after moving to Texas with his wife, Tammy.

Carl holds a BS degree in Education and Psychology focusing on technical occupational education. He applied these skills managing several Navy courses and accompanying instructional staff for 25 years. Along the way, he was CPR instructor certified in 2009.

Tammy Miles

Tammy has been an educator with TempleCPR since 2015. She also serves as the company's "scheduling ninja" and the public's point-of-contact for questions, concerns, and guidance.

Before moving to Texas with her husband, Carl, Tammy worked in the banking field for nearly 40 years where she held positions ranging from teller to VP of Operations.


Leah Miles

Leah has been an educator with TempleCPR since 2015. She has served in the medical field in various capacities at several large hospital systems for over two decades.